This page is for those who have the desire to present an unexpected gift, unusual, original, custom!
How does it work?! It is simple! Just send a photo and a brief description .. vices, strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes, passions, a phrase … characteristic of the person or persons who to present a funny portrait, a drawn story, a custom object! How much does it cost? For the original artwork more or less the equivalent of a pizza for two .. The difference is that instead of disappearing the next day it remains for life 🙂 by adding the dessert you can have even a cup, a t-shirt. . a custom object and unique!

T-GIFT a “funny portrait” drawn on paper, colored with watercolors, markers, pencils .. with or without frame

T-GIFT a drawn story: on paper or canvas in black and white, a drawn story..

T-GIFT a custom object: you can choose to customize the portrait funny, drawing, watercolor on a cup-mug, a cover for the tablet / i-pad, a shopper, a t-shirt. . the choice is yours

T-GIFT a ceramics: hand-painted on dish, coffee cups, pot, cutting board, dish … or forms made and painted by hand on the size you prefer

T-GIFT a painting: painted on canvas the size you want, oil, acrylic, mixed media ..

T-GIFT a surprise!

If you prefer to choose a drawing, a watercolor, a framework already exists visit the galleries listed on the menu!




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